Writing is a question of finding
a certain rhythm. I compare it
to the rhythms of jazz.

Design can be art. Design can be
aesthetics. Design is so simple,
that’s why it is so complicated.

Hold. Touch. Feel. Savour.
The printed word reaches out
like no digital medium can.


OPUS offers publishing services from start to finish. The core of these services involves research, writing, editing and design. Parallel to these are translation, printing, marketing and distribution.

We pride ourselves on quality products that ensure high customer satisfaction. We do books, magazines and cutting-edge promotional materials for government organisations, private corporations and individuals looking
to publish their own works. Apart from one-off products, we welcome projects on a contract basis.

The team at OPUS comprises specialist writers, editors and creative designers armed with years of working experience in newspaper and magazine publishing. A vast and varied portfolio enables us to cover diverse topics ranging from history and culture to personal memoirs; travel and lifestyle to food, fun, fashion and beauty.

When you choose OPUS, you are assured of seeing an editorial idea grow into a beautiful publication.

Dear Sharon,
Just a short note to
thank you for
producing “kampong
Radin Mas – A Village
Remembered”, an
excellent publication…
Well done, Sharon.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth