Launch date January 2015

In this book dedicated to the future generations of his family, businessman-philanthropist Shaikh Hatim F. Nakhoda relates his life experiences as the son of a merchant

who settled in Singapore in the 1890s. Coming from a family of Gujarati traders from the town of Surat in India, pioneer Fidahusein M. Nakhoda overcame all odds, including internal strife,

to build a business that has endured for well over a century. F.M. Noordin & Co. Pte Ltd is today one of the most successful trading companies in Singapore.

Launch date June 2013

Remembering Kampong Radin Mas records the memories of the residents from the kampong who were resettled in 1973. Legend has it that it was named after Javanese princess Radin Mas Ayu. After a conflict, she escaped to Singapore and settled at the foothills of Mount Faber; that area came to be known as Kampong Radin Mas.

Kampong Radin Mas produced many illustrious members of the Malay community, such as Othman Wok, Singapore’s Minister of Social Affairs from 1963 to 1977; food consultant Aziza Ali; and former Members of Parliament Sidek Saniff and Wan Hussin Zoohri. Famous alumni of Radin Mas School include artist Ong Kim Seng.

The book project aims to bring a sense of history to a new generation of younger Singaporeans. It explores what life was like in the kampong – the spirit of gotong royong that had the villagers rallying to help one another; traditional cultural practices now largely forgotten; and the happy times shared by village folk in a simpler age.

Supported by the National Heritage Board